The Cultural Alliance of the Americas

    Following Katrina in October 2005, a group of concerned citizens got together to create Bring It On Home (BIOH), an ad hoc organization created to provide jobs for musicians.  With the help of several businesses and numerous contributions from individuals, BIOH was able to provide jobs for over 200 musicians.  In April 2006, the impromptu organization produced the first Rent Party - a term established during the Depression of the 1920s and 30s, where people held house parties, providing music and home cooking, for a price, in order to pay their bills.  After Katrina, it seemed a fitting way to describe the improvisation needed to create jobs for musicians struggling to find a way home.  At this event, the Maryland Jazz Band of Cologne Germany brought with them a large group of jazz fans, many of them visiting New Orleans for the first time.   

    Now, five years later, Bring It On Home, has morphed into the Cultural Alliance of the Americas (CAOTA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  The first event of the new organization was Rent Party 2008, one of several great events showcasing the influence of the many cultures that make up Louisiana's rich legacy. Rent Party took place in March 2008 in Abita Springs, LA with a  program that included Gospel, Bluegrass, Cajun, Jazz,, R&B, and Latin music - all a part of our gumbo heritage.

    In April 2009, CAOTA, in conjunction with the St. Tammany Art Association and Ecos Latinos, sponsored two school visits at local elementary schools, that brought together local jazz and visiting musicians from Brazil, for approximately 1400 students and teachers.  Then as a continuation of that program, in July 2010,  our Habanera Jazz concert, held in Covington, LA showcased the music of Honduras and New Orleans with musicians from Honduras and Louisiana.  Prior to the concert, a reception was held that provided authentic Honduran food, such as tamales wrapped in banana leaves and New Orleans' gumbo and bread pudding.  The concert was a smashing success with  concert-goers commenting that it was one of the best entertainment  and cultural experiences they had ever had.

    In March 2010, our Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers brought together Jazz and Bluegrass musicians for an evening of musical magic that gave the audience a glimpse into the evolution of American music, Creole Roots, brought attention to the cultural roots of southern Louisiana and our most recent concert, Louisiana Swing, connected jazz, cajun and western swing.

    We are now working on additional projects for 2012, which include our monthly movie night.  Please visit our “Upcoming Events” page for more info on all upcoming programs.


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